Thursday, October 05, 2006

Okay so this is the topic of frusteration. It was done with sharpie and photoshop on a spur of moment kind of thought, so I hope it reads okay. Tom Waits was an inspiration for this doodle, as well as wiggly weird lines you see with caricatures.


Mark Monkman said...

Sonja, I love your coloring and shit like that. LOVE!! Great designs too btw.

Sonja said...

HI MARK! Thanks!'

And to the rest who are confused; I'm going to fill y'all in: Tom Waits was an inspiration because of the fact that the horse is chewing on wood. (And a nail). WELL! This is called "cribbing." Tom Waits has a hilarious story here... on cribbing.

This is it.

Aside from this, the frustration is coming from the horse disliking the nail and the apple. Also, the girl is frusterated that the horse doesn't want the apple. I guess my frustration adds to this because it's not very clear... :)